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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
For some reason folks always want a manufacture watch, but they don't usually want to spend $8K+ for one. I can understand that so here is a listing of brands that I can think of and that have at least one model that costs less than $6K. Some of these brands have many models below that price point.

I've emboldened some that I think many folks have never heard of but that are seriously worth looking at. I've put question marks next to the one's I'm not 100% sure they have an in-house movement that is also sanely price, but IIRC, they do.

  • Seiko - almost every watch they make is in-house, quartz and automatic, but a few aren't
  • Citizen (all)
  • Nomos
  • Alpina just a couple models are in-house
  • Damasko
  • Frederique Constant - Alpina's dressy brother but more in-house models too
  • Universal Geneve - They do a micro rotor automatic similar to PP's but not as elaborately finished. Of course, it's also not as elaborately priced. All the same, not a lot of folks do automatics that allow one to also see much of the movement.
  • Tag - three in-house calibres
  • Omega
  • Seagull
  • Wempe
  • Pequignet
  • Prim
  • Raketa (??)
  • Chronoswiss (?)
  • Dornbluth (?)
  • JLC
  • Cartier
  • Rolex (Air King & Oyster Perpetual)
  • Zeitwinkel
  • Paul Gerber ( - I should be more clear....they do a lot of work on a base ETA and it comes out being far more than your typical dressed up 2824, they are. Their own 100% in house model is more like 3x $6K.

I know there are more that are escaping me right now...

All the best.
You seem to have missed one of the most highly regarded value in house movements ... A Zenith El Primero 3 hand can certainly be had grey market for less than $6k...And the Elite can be had I believe from an AD for that.