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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
I always leave it up to the student to choose the DSC mode they prefer.

My recommendation is that for the first time you go out on the track, keep MDM (or DSC if you don't have the MDM option) activated. Once you are comfortable with the track layout and the proper driving line and if you feel up to it, turn the nannies off. The sooner you drive without the aids, the better habits and reflexes you will develop.

I've had to work very hard with some students that had become decently quick with driving aids, but had developed terribly bad habits that the electronics were hiding. The worst habit is pinching the steering wheel while applying throttle coming out of a turn. With DSC, you wouldn't feel anything. But with DSC off, this could lead to a big moment on corner exit.

Have fun and report back
I could not agree more with this statement... And I have been guilty myself of exactly this mistake!! I had DSC off so I learned with a spin and a lot of dust in the car, but I was fortunate to not hit anybody or anything.
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