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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
So, does the binder full of birth certificates in Kapiolani Hospital have cutaway parts? On Obama scan, it looks like it may have a cut about an inch from the top edge and all the way across. Are these certificates meant to tear out that way and leave an inch border or something like that behind? Kind of strange, but looks possible. I guess they would have had to take the page out of the binder for it to appear as you have demonstrated, so that the page would be able to curl up where the paper is slit. Otherwise the pages behind it would prevent curling.

Whoever did the scanning must have really been stupid. If the page was taken out and laid flat on the glass, why not close the cover on top of the page? I guess it makes sense if the person would be so careless as to leave OCR turned on.

Now what about other anomalies? (assuming this one is explained)

There is no cut away parts. There should be borders just like borders on your HS degree or College Degree. Fancy looking borders.

If you look at my second image, you see black line from top to bottom. On his there is no black line from top to bottom, because that side of the page is wider and then the rest of it and it hides under the rest of the left side of the paper. Thus you dont see background light bleeding through.
Makes sense?

My image;
Ok do this. Take your hands and face palms towards you. Now have your palms touch each other side by side. Now imagine your hands are now a piece of paper. Make a cut in the middle. Dont move them apart, just move one away from each other at an angle.

Obamas BC:
Move your palms apart a little, you just made a cut in the paper.
Now over lap your palm over the other. Pinky on top of pinky.
With one sheet of paper this is not possible. Its only possible if two separate pieces of paper were joined together.

I'll duplicate the effect a bit later.