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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
So, does the binder full of birth certificates in Kapiolani Hospital have cutaway parts? On Obama scan, it looks like it may have a cut about an inch from the top edge and all the way across. Are these certificates meant to tear out that way and leave an inch border or something like that behind? Kind of strange, but looks possible. I guess they would have had to take the page out of the binder for it to appear as you have demonstrated, so that the page would be able to curl up where the paper is slit. Otherwise the pages behind it would prevent curling.

Whoever did the scanning must have really been stupid. If the page was taken out and laid flat on the glass, why not close the cover on top of the page? I guess it makes sense if the person would be so careless as to leave OCR turned on.

Now what about other anomalies? (assuming this one is explained)

What do anomalies of the scanning process matter? They don't change the CONTENTS of the document.

Do you have any evidence that the CONTENTS of the PDF are different than the original?

That is a yes or no question. Are you capable of answering a yes or no question?