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Originally Posted by M2381 View Post
After my 1200 mile service mine was full..I def think you need to tell them that they did not give u enough oil
When I picked my car up after the 1200 mile service, exact same thing. Drove directly back to the dealer and they said they put 9qts in. Just to piss them off I purchased my now 10th quart and put damn near a qt in and the level moved up to just below the top level. I made the dealer give me back my 19 Euro about 23 dollars for the last quart. Now with some 3800 miles on it, one day its full, one day its real low and the next perfect. As a BMW fan, I got to say to BMW "THE OIL CHECK SYSTEM AND SENSOR SUCKS" This has pissed me off so much that I have another appointment on Monday to drop off the car and keep it until it is REALLY fixed. Tired of all of the BS that the dealer that I've dealt with for over 15 years is giving. I refuse to come back and pick up the car until they fix it and can assure me that its ready to drive. I'm still going to write BMW in Munich and bitch about this. Since I live here in Germany hopefully they will respond. Everyone with this problem should continue to bitch to BMW about it. Besides, why are we even having to add oil?? I can understand during break in, this is normal, but with 3000 miles etc... the car should not be using oil!!! This is BS when we get inaccurate readings like so. Pay 60 k for a damn quality car then thats what we should get quality, not a quality car with a shitty oil check system. I'm starting to wonder if my damn car was built on one of the German Holidays when they had drank several liters of beer and came to work in Regensburg drunk....