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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
It would be nice to know the OP's dimensions as you asked earlier, and what his riding experience and riding shape is. We could help better with his questions. A 800 pound motorcycle will be more comfortable than a 400 pound motorcycle when hours are spent in the saddle and wind blast are factors.
I’m 5’9, 170 pounds, run 10 miles easy, deadlift 280 one rep max, squat 225 10 reps,

Haven’t ridden in a few years have had license for 13 years before that rebuilt a bike and ride non licensed in the neighborhood hills - streets.

Like a 5’5” Honda test rider on the largest Africa Twin I know how to one leg, walk the pegs onto the bike and have the kickstand down for a stop and walk off the pegs - but I need to practice.

The 800 pound versus 400 pound bike, if that were the case everyone would be riding 800 pound bikes, valid point but lite bikes definitely have their advantages.

I wanted to learn everything I can about the bmw 1250 gs will compare to 850 gs.

Researching Ducati multi strada.

My research into Japanese bikes have me thinking they’re a bit dated except for super sport’s and gold wings
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