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Originally Posted by ganeil
The nations listed have representative governments. If the people of those nations wanted our forces out, they would be gone. Regardless of what the people might tell pollsters, it is their votes which matter.

Some refuse to acknowledge that diplomacy often fails and force is necessary. We learned that lesson from Neville Chamberlain in 1938.. I guess others (you?) are just a bit slower to catch on.

Again, I am really not at all interested in what other countries think of us, I am only concerned with their actions.
Well, you're right -- the USA voted for this enmpty-head guy 2 years ago, but I am not sure they would do the same now. What do you think about it??? So, people do vote, but not every day... You have the leaders to sit there for some period, and people bitch at them.
Next, I assume you did not vote for Bush just for this war, but other things, too??? Same with other leaders -- they may support many other (good) things, but oppose kicking US asses out of their country (read $$$) therefore, what you said about the "representation" of my wishes and thoughts through W...has nothing to do with it. Actually, if Kerry were in the office now, he would not represent 100% of my wishes either, therefore...

But, hey, I guess for you W is the God!