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Originally Posted by ganeil
Of course our "messing" with the Arab/Muslim world consisted of removing one Arab army (Iraq) from another Arab nation (Kuwait) and providing protection to another (Saudi Arabia).
Ah, I forgot, we're the only ones in the world providing protection to a 100 of countries...blah blah... What protection are we providing to Germany, UK, Japan, and I could go on...
What protection are we providing to Saudis???
We removed one army from Kuwait, then we occupied both -- Kuwait and Iraq....
In 2006, 35,000 Iraqi civilians died because of our protection...
Koreans (South & North) would not mind uniting again, but they can't because of our "protection" to the South...therefore, daily protests in Seoul...
If w cannot get in to "protect" the nation -- we make them fight, then we occupy them and do our "protection" thing...

I would understand it if every world's power like UK, Russia, France, Germany, China...had their "protection bases" all over the world, but this way, I don't buy it...