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Originally Posted by ganeil
As opposed to the lack of terrorist attacks prior to operations in Iraq?

Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001? Was that retaliation for invading Iraq?

Nothing we can do, short of complete capitulation and the imposition of sharia throughout the west, will make us immune to terror attacks. We have to decide if our way of life is worth fighting for and, if it is, fight for it.
As clearly stated by them, it was the retaliation for the world policing, and messing with the Arab & Muslim world. Then, your boss translated it into: "Because they are jealous of our way of living..." They said, get out of our territories, we occupied more...
As I stated before, many countries have (officially & unofficially) better standards of living that we do, but we're the only ones that ignore the rest of the world and have military presence in probably close to a 100 countries in the world.
Not cool, and definitely not just at all...