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Originally Posted by Nawaaz View Post
+1 I use to have an Evo IX MR. It's a brilliant car, but you won't find any refinement or comfort in an Evo.....But I bet the Evo X has significantly stepped a level higher in refinement compared to the IX.

Btw "rapistwit".....You are one hell of a RICH guy! Looking at what cars you have! A GT-R, a Cayenne GTS, and a CLK 63 Black! WOW!!!
You have great taste in choosing your cars also.

Not rich but more money than common sense. Be happy with your M3 for a few years . I get an itch for new car too much and it's very costly. With all the money I've lost in depreciation over the last 5 years I could own a GT2 straight out(and I don't)