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Originally Posted by Makushr1 View Post
looking for some advise... My Monk is getting murdered left and right in Inferno. below are my stats and equipt. Do I just need to get more items with all resistance?
MORE resistance.

you need atleast 500 to even be valuable in inferno as a monk.

with a monk, just pick one resistance and get it on every peice possible until you hit around that 500-700 mark and use the passive "one with all" or something like that.

I had ~670 buffed with my monk and still had a tough time in act 3.

I rerolled a witch doctor two days ago and havent looked back.

Striped my monk of his weapons and gear (~5 million in gear) and am having a blast with the kiting and insane amount of damage instead of pulling hair out with my monk..
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