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Be aware "LA driver"

Good morning. just wanted to share with LA drivers. let me say this first. I admit i violated law by putting tint on my front windows( very light 15%) it's my fault not putting the front plate.
I've been driving other cars for 10+ yrs w/ tint & no front license plate (SUV). no tickets.
i got my M3 E93 about 2 months ago. i drove by USC area and CHP pull me over. i stopped on a red light and CHP pull me over. CHP on surface street. anyway, he asked a few questions and lastly "is this your car?" i am an asian and look very young. i get carded every time. ya? he took ~15+ min to run my background check. i am pretty sure he was checking every possible background check. he must be thinking i am sort of a drug dealer or something. i had no tickets for last 5+ years. he came back to me and gave me "fix" ticket.
after that, i met up w/ my co-workers and told them about it. and one of the girl said "ya my friends got the same thing. so be careful" and other friend said he got a ticket while the car was parked. i guess CA/LA needs lots of money from their cops. either remove all illegal mods and drive down LA or avoid at all cost. i am little pissed (my fault) but i felt that they are catching people just to make their budget or goal. i am going to remove all my tint and put my front license plate by next week. ~$80 donation to my state. ya right...