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Originally Posted by alee0729 View Post
I would not hold my breath on video playback with the iPhone 5. BMW would have to build a digital video to analog converter into that dock (more money than it's worth to them) or integrate AirPlay. In both cases, for the E92, it would be a poor investment for them to continue development for the retired E-series platform.

Not that I'd endorse getting a new 4S even if video were important to you. Apple has already moved to the new connector and is doing everything in their power to move everyone over. The 30-pin will be the red-headed stepchild of connectors long before your new contract is over.

Video is cool only for like 15 min anyway. Then you're over it.
Thanks for the info man. Point well taken. I think I'll stick with my new phone for now, and wait for June 20th to see what date they're going to announce for the 5S release, and in the interim, I'll get an iPad to use around the house.