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Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
I always thought a stint was the time between tire changes. In Le Mans Series you frequently hear of drivers doing 3-4 stints.

Like if you pull in for wing damage and you dont swap tires then youre still on the same stint you were on previously.
Well there are many different ways of wording it. It could be called a driver stint, stint, fuel stint ETC. At an endurance race like LeMan it would be called a fuel stint because they make pitstops on fuel strategy. In Formula 1 they never refuel and make pitstops around tire strategy.

I think you got confused somewhere, because what your saying is exactly the same as what I said

Originally Posted by the///Mthree View Post
A stint is the time between pitstops.
So when you say a driver at LeMan does 3 stints, that means he is in the car for 3 fuel stops. Hence a stint being the time between pitstops.