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Originally Posted by Kev View Post
I've been thinking about switching cars for the past couple months mainly because I want a smaller car. I'm inclined to get an Audi TT-S coupe and call it a day. I really miss the TQ of the motor and can do away with the DCT lag at 5:30 traffic on I-5.

Am I being crazy or what? I'm going to test drive one in Tacoma on Thursday so I'll report back.
I seriously test drove the TT-S! Like 3 times. I went for the M3 only because I need the back seats or I thought so.
The TT-S feels more like a true sports car. I liked it a lot!! I do not know how it drives on track though.
I was somewhat unhappy with the M3 before i started to track it. The M3 is very nice on the track, not comperable to my 2008 Audi A4.
The TT-S with chip tuning can easily reach 310-320HP with that it will be very close to the M3.