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Originally Posted by geesus View Post
The cup's are an option but they are not the standard tyre for the 19" wheels. They cost more than the std michelin tyres according to my dealer. Let me know if i'm wrong...........
Originally Posted by 13eastie View Post
This is not correct, at least for the U.K. I have 19" rims with regular Pilot Sports.
As far as I know the 19" wheels (style 220) come with Cup+ tires in Europe. Here's a report on this:

Anyway Michelin seemed to have problems supplying enough of these tires, so BMW initially equipped the 19" wheels with Michelin PS2. I expect all cars being delivered from now on to come with Cup+ tires when the 19" wheel option is chosen.

This has no relevance for the US, though. All US spec cars will come on Michelin PS2, regardless of wheel size.

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