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Originally Posted by mswaz View Post
Would anyone here consider the Lime Rock edition if it could be had for similar discount off MSRP as a normal M3 order?

I like the paint, different and loud but not my daily driver, love the performance exhaust, I am not a modder short of cosmetic, maybe mirror caps and grills.

Whats your thoughts how these will hold value compared to an non Lime Rock M3? Same, less because of color, or slightly more because of color.
Oh and manual transmission of course..

im not really sure why you even ask this question

if you get it for near invoice price and like it, then what are you even asking? get it

holding its value...who knows. you might find some crazy collector guy in 5 yrs that wants a lime rock park edition and would pay a premium for it but at the end of the day, its a fire orange individual m3 with oem mods