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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
Ive been in almost every modern day Ferrari from the 360 up. I agree the leather is nice but Im talking overall quality for the price, not leather alone. Again, on a car of that price, it should be absolutely perfect in all material respects. Ive said this before, but I was shopping for a 360 spyder and looked at a number of 430's as well for my father and some of the things about them just werent up to snuff IMO for spending 200K+ on a car. And dont get me wrong, not saying its not very good, top quality stuff as it should be, but there are things that arent perfect and should be.
I also had a friend who owned a Gallardo who would agree its quality was lacking on a 210K car.
Again, these are very limited hand-built cars. If Ferrari or Lambo would drop prices, they probably would go out of business. Price does not always reflect quality but price always reflects supply and demand.