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Originally Posted by SUB-ZERO View Post
Like I said earlier, BMW, Porsche and Nissan's are mass produced cars. Ferarris, Lambos, etc are basically hand-built. Comparing a mass produced product to a non-mass produced product in terms of price, is like comparing apples to oranges; it is called "economies of scale". The rarity of these types of cars also helps keep their values high over time. An example of pricing can be seen within the BMW brand when you consider what BMW sells an M3 for in the US market and what they sell one for in Germany; a BMW in Germany is much more $$$$$. BMW sells more in the US so that can reduce pricing.

However, while Porsche is mass produced, their numbers are much less than BMW in terms of product output. Not just is this a reason why their prices are much higher the BMWs but also becuase they have high demand for a limited number of products.

In terms of product output, the GTR is probably as limited as any GT3 (I am just speculating from what I have read).

BTW, I am not sure what Ferrari's or Lambos you have been in but the quality of materials is by FAR better than anything I have seen from BMW or Porsche. The leather comes straight from a cow! It is not like the bonded, stamped leather that 95% of all other auto manufacturers use.


I'm not sure what the GT3 numbers are but Nissan ships about 1200-1500 GTRs to the US every year.

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