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Originally Posted by HoustonScott View Post
Here is what I am trying to say. Why is this post up? Why the threat of racism=Ban? Why post this above this page? Here is what I think. If your against Obama policy your a racist or that is what will be claimed by someone here when they loose a debate littered with facts. Racism is now a racial slur of whites. It's used to degrade and belittle whites. The pre-post should read "assert racism = Ban" the word racist or racism is the new tool of the left and should not be used in this forum and use of word is an assertion that can not be refuted. I am racially offended by those who use it. it's the "N" for whites. Use that word or assert racisum and you should be BAN.

Not everyone thinks just because you don't like Obama's policy means you're racist. I certainly don't.

Don't let extremists on both sides generalize Republicans or Democrats. Yes, there are people who will say you're racist because you don't like Obama. But likewise, there are people out there that are racist and don't like Obama because he is black. You also have to realize this stuff sells and why the media picks up on it. Anything that happens has any sort of accusation of racism, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc will pick up on it and blow it out of proportion.

Racism is pretty clear. Post racial slurs or anything that is derogatory to a certain race is bounds to be banned. Simply saying you disagree with Obama's policy is not bounds for a ban no matter how many times a member says you're being racist for disagreeing with Obama. If a mod does ban you for that, then you do have a right to complain to the administrator, etc. But, I doubt the mods will ban you unless your posts clearly show racism in it.

Again, don't let extremists stereotype Republicans and Democrats. We may disagree with each other( as I am a registered Democrat and voted for Obama), but I certainly won't call you a racist because you don't like Obama's version of HealthCare reform or whatever policy you disagree with.