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Guys, thanks for the "constructive" replies. When ordering the car, I knew that I do not like carbon fiber or flimsy aluminum type trim. Wood is the only option for me so looking at pictures wont make a difference, I'll order it no matter the quantity. So thats a no brainer, its going to be wood (and yes, I have plenty, just not in the M3 ). If I didnt own another M3 (E36), I wouldnt have been spoiled about the quantity and quality of wood. Its just that for interior trim, I really feel as though my old E36 with the luxury package has a nicer quality leather and wood trim than the E93. OK, no problem, but they really should have offered an upgrade like the luxury package in the E36. And yes, I bought the car for the performance, not the way the interior looks, but it would have been nice...