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Originally Posted by BobsM3Coupe View Post
Looks great. How much neck and back twisting/contorting did it take to R&R that pedal assembly?
It wasn't bad at all...I had second thoughts when I first took the pedal assembly out of the box and realized how large it was...but I dug into it and knocked it out in 90 minutes total and that included some fiddling to figure out the removal of a sensor on the dash panel and the removal and subsequent adjustment of the brake light sensor. Once removing the 3 bolts holding the pedal assembly in and undoing the clip and removing the pin which attaches the brake booster assembly and removing the brake light sensor, it took just a few minutes of twisting and pushing to get it free. However, I did it about 9 years ago on my e46 M3 and had removed the almost identical under dash panel on my 335 previously, so I had some familiarity with what I was facing.

Part number is BM35-00-6-751-975

I will post up a more detailed DIY soon for anyone that wants to do this in the future. The larger brake pedal makes all the difference with left foot very well and makes full time left foot braking comfortable if you choose to do so or just for the occasional use in spirited driving.