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I'm guessing it will be a near wash in savings by time you pay your way there. Think if it this way....can you do the trip for less than ~$3800? That is the savings for ED (ED invoice+$1k dealer fee vs. US invoice +$1k dealer profit). If so, then is it worth your time to go there? Also travel from the west coast kills two of the days. So day 1 flying over, day 2 delivery, day 3 open day then drop off, day 4 fly home. Adding one more day would give you more options.

I'm sure there have been others doing EDs on a quick turn. One option would be to make the trip, take delivery, have it trucked over to the drop off point, take a few days to tour Munich/Welt and then head home. Aside from the long flight, it would be a nice long weekend. You can also time it for some events like Octoberfest or in our case during the first couple of Germany's World Cup games.

Alternatively, there are some nice day trips if you want to drive during your time there and can get another day. In this case I would pick up the car and immediately head south. You could cover the Fussen castles and some alpine driving over a couple of days before dropping off and heading home. Just keep in mind that some of your time is taken up with the dropoff.

There are a bunch of options for a short trip. I'd think about the experience to see if it interests you...budget wise you should still come out ahead considering the short trip.

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