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Originally Posted by AKbmw View Post
thanks for the helpful reply, i heard that you have to take out the whole suspension for the rear to turn it, people told me that if you try to turn it with the tool the whole spring just turns with it so you would have to take it out and do it by hand. Also i think one side is higher than the other so i would like to take them out and but them both on the same setting i would figure it is hard to do it while its still on the car, i made an appointment with , hopefully they know what they are doing (they said they can do it) where are you located just incase maybe i can learn by watching thanks alot man!
I live in Tustin, border of Irvine (Harvard and Edinger). Whoever told you that you had to take out the whole coilover is fucking retarded. I do suggest you get an alignment after changing your height, but if you don't care .. have at it and just screw the perch up or down. I have the clubsports but I doubt the V1's are much different in terms of changing height. Don't pay someone to do it.