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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
For some perspective - here is a great factual read about Polls and how they fly in the face of reality:

How Carter Beat Reagan

You'll see how eerily close to this year election 1980 actually is. This doesn't equate Romney to Reagan, but Obama is a lot closer to Carter on the position of the economy and foreign policy than most folks care to admit.
Interesting, if a little biased
Thing is
It's not just the "bleeding heart liberal media" that has Obama ahead in some of the swing states, it's the good old "take America back" right wing conservative polls as well
I'm not a fan of looking at individual polls
I like the polls on real clear politics, because it shows ALL the polls, whether democrat, republican, or neutral, as well as the average of all those
If you look at the average, you're getting a pretty unbiased view
I'm expecting Romney to get virginia, and Florida
And i' expecting obama to get Ohio, and Wisconsin
If he gets those, and keeps Pennsylvania, all he needs is one more state
Where Romney needs to win almost all the swing states.

I still find it shocking that I can't read unbiased news in this country