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Originally Posted by Transfer View Post
I need winter wheels/tires and want to get 18s so I've been looking for 219s locally but they're just not available right now. Back up plan is a set of reps but after speaking with a vendor and reading some threads, it sounds like replica wheels on the M3 are not recommended even for winter.

Why? I don't care if it's a $70k+ car, I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on winter wheels and tires. What's the difference between the common replica wheels and VMR or any other cast wheel? It's not like they would be driven at the track or anything. Am I missing something or do vendors just want to sell the expensive stuff because I bought an expensive car? Why would all these BMW performance vendors sell the BMW replica wheels in M3 fitments if they're no good?
the two vendors i went to had no problem recommending me the replicas... so i ordered them... i cant see it being any worse than the tirerack sport edition rims, and i used them in my previous car without any issues..

and i also dont agree with the common statement "that its a 70k+ car and we should not be cheaping out on rims" money saved is money saved, i dont see a point in spending 3-4k on OEMs for a winter set ... we are not tracking these cars in the snow
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