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Originally Posted by landonvan View Post
Im confused as to why people seem to think their M3 is worth wayyyy more than it is. For instance KBB lists a 2011 m3 with every option at just under 55k. But guys on the forum list it at like 65-70k. I understand they put exhaust and wheels and other cosmetic crap. But doesn't everyone know that you don't get back the money you put into the car. It just makes it more appealing over the other one. I get putting 10k into a car and asking a bit over kbb. But sometimes its a little outrageous.Its not this rare special car. I mean they produced more M3's than the BOSS mustang. Its just crazy sometimes. If your car isn't crazy modded you shouldn't be asking much if at all over KBB. why would you buy a house worth 100k for 200k.

Just some thoughts.
sure, makes sense. anyone can ask any price they want, but the market will determine the transaction price. I don't get why people think the price listed will be the transaction price. It rarely is for most used cars, and if you take what ppl ask for cars, most of the time, you overpaid.