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Originally Posted by M3Alpine View Post
ok so maybe u CAN hit all body parts in a 3 day split but how do you expect optimal growth in which the OP is looking for by doing that? I think you should focus on single parts a day like monday do chest, tuesday do back,wednesday do shoulders/traps,thurs bis/tris, fri legs. This will give you more time to focus on each part instead on rushing through one to get to another plus you will have optimal recovery time. By doing these two parts a day how long are you in the gym for? arent you burnt out after doing one body part which makes it tougher on the next? Another big factor is genetics, its either you have it or you dont. Im sure many of you guys are a member of a gym and see people who have been there for years and havent grown or changed one bit. Every person is different
Every person is different... but my stance on splitting work outs by the day is switching between a Push and a Pull exercise.

My workout week is something like:

Monday: Chest (push)
Tuesday: Back (pull)
Wednesday: Triceps (push)
Thursday: Biceps (pull)
Friday: Legs (push)
Saturday: Shoulders + abs
Sunday: Rest

Now onto the Creatine topic:

I've only started using it 4 weeks ago. I went through with the loading phase 20g per day @ 4 x 5g split up. 5g in the morning after breakfast, 5g after lunch (especially after my carb intake), 5g immediately after workout (I take my creatine jug with me to the gym and shake it up within 5 minutes of exertion lol... a little excessive, I know) and my last 5g was at night after my dinner. I did this for 1 week. After (the past 3 weeks), I've been on 10g a day (5g after lunch and 5g immediately after workout). I've got another week left in my intake cycle before I go off for the next 7 weeks.

I noticed that I had more gas than normal and that I was thirsty as hell. I went from drinking normally about 2 litres of water a day to AT LEAST 4 litres... I pee a lot and its annoying.

On the bright side, I've already broken past my plateaus and weight the same I did 5 weeks ago, but I look a lot bigger.

Otherwise, it's been the best supplement I've taken by far.