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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
It really should be in AS. Having driven both the M3 and the elise at autocross no way it keeps up.

For tire pressure I have had good luck with 36-40 front (depending on temp and tire) and 34-36 rear. Resist the temptation to run more pressure in the rear than the front. The car actually works better the other way around.
Cool, thanks for the advice.

I agree that it is a better fit in AS, but that'd hurt the E46 M3 (weren't they originally SS too?). Personally I think they ought to create a tweener class somewhere in the middle for all the new V8 coupes and sedans and keep SS as the high end sports cars. At least the way it's setup now, I know I won't win, so maybe I'll be able to focus on technique and figuring out how to drive the limits of what I have instead of worrying about setup to shave those tenths out.