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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
Yes, exactly, right from my very first post. It was my whole point. Only a couple of things required and they would be easy for a people even vaguely interested in peace.

And please, come up to date and explain Hamas' current influence on your history and their current posture and their STATED GOALS. They want the Israeli's dead and gone, erased. And they are the government chosen by the palestinians.

Nope, the Israeli's aren't buying it and neither does anyone else.

I almost hope the arabs try major military action again, make a full up effort. But they won't as arab talents don't extend to a real fight. They much prefer the oblique approach--murder, terror, long distance rocket fire, fighting from behind civilians, etc.
Just what I thought. You pretend there are simple conditions for the Palestinians to meet, and then they would get their state.

In reality, there is NOTHING the Palestinians can do that will satisfy people like you. People like you won't be satisfied until all of them all convert to knit-kippa wearing Likudnik Zionist Orthodox Rabbi's. Even then you guys would find a reason to block them from forming a state.