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This is not just a coincidence. Think what you want but it was a direct result of the power cable work. Other folks are having issues with CIC headunits dying after as well. I would assume a few things....

1-The tech is cutting the line with battery still connected and splicing in new wiring to be efficient with time as opposed to execution.
2-The tech is suffering from Parkinson's disease so the reconnection of IBS to battery is chattering before a solid connection is made.

In any case I could care less how they are dropping the ball. Let me be clear that my car is serviced like a proper OCD would so this and my 3 friend failures are not just coincidences. Also another bizarre fact is that the power cable is not being done the same way across vehicles after the work was inspected on my car and the other 3. My vehicle has no splice but whole new positive cable. The point of splice on my friends cars are done at different points. All of this makes me feel like you will be hearing more of these posts as more people have work done. Anyone wanna bet $20?
I don't want to bet, and I also don't want to get the warranty work done lol. I waited until a couple months ago to get the airbag and blower recall done. I think I'll be waiting even longer on this one.
I'd say get the recall done but have your advisor make a note on the ticket you sign when you leave keys that says "no system errors present or equipment issue prior to work. If a system error is present please inform me before work takes place". This should cover you. Then if you have an issue shortly thereafter you will at least have a pot to piss in.