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Originally Posted by double_j View Post
People drive 6MT (me included) over DCT for the same reason that even poorly skilled home chefs like to cook. You might get a better end result by having somebody/something else do the work for you, but sometimes the real fun comes from learning and doing the work yourself.
That's totally fine. I love driving my friends cars that are manual transmission because I rarely do it. I'll never be able to shift like a pro, and at the same time as my daily driver I'd probably not want a 6MT. I was just poking fun at the guys who like to talk about how much extra car control they have with their clutch and shift lever. I think that fun factor is the most valid reason these days to get a 6MT. And it's a good reason.
Hey if I had a second car or a real sports car as a weekend ride, it'd undoubtedly be a GT3 which comes in nothing but a standard transmission.