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Here are my real world experiences with the lip:

1) Same level as the felt boxes
2) Shouldn't be many problems with stock ride height
3) No problems
4) No problems

Hope that helps!

Originally Posted by drburton View Post
I'm seriously interested in the Challenge Lip but I'm a bit concerned about how much it appears to lower the clearance in front. For the vendors selling the lip or members who already have it installed can you help me to answer a few questions:

1) Is the lip lower than the felt boxes under the bumper?
2) With stock suspension, would i clear standard size speed bumps?
3) Slanted driveway issues?
4) Anyone drive at high speed, any noted impacts on air flow

I live in Minnesota where the roads are pretty rough, lots of dips etc.. pulling into parking lots. Just don't want to buy one and trash it three days later. Any additional insight would be appreciated.