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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
This forum's most persistent (and persuasive) attacker of GT-R 'Ring times has lost all credibility based on his willingness to believe that Nissan ran a short lap to get their 7:29 - while videotaping the event for all the world to see. Porsche also has lost credibility, and it'll be interesting to see if they decide to stick their foot in it again.

Nope. The 7:38 was real (although disappointing to Nissan), the 7:29 was real, and the 7:27 is also real.
Why call an investigation into an outlier type of event an attack? You never have "got" me and never will, quite obviously. Occassionally during the course of an investigation an easy answer presents itself. That lure, combined with a brief brain fart led to a poor post on my behalf. If you feel it absolutely ruins any shred of credibility I have, fine, but then why also call me "most persuasive", I guess that means persuasive to all except the great, all knowing Bruce...

Again, even here among the true fanboys and Nissan haters, there are very few who actually believe that Nissan did not run the times they claim. Again the question, as it always has been to me, is about what particular car ran the times.

Lucid, et al: I did run a regression on multiple tracks and we discussed those results. However, as we know the endless lapping by a factory team with an F1 pilot, with full factory support will push the GT-R into more of a statistical outlier point. The data set we use for the regression analysis is still valid even though it is mostly Sport Auto times. Sure it would be better to have a bunch of tests all run with equivalent drivers, lapping and effort but we don't. The challenge is then simply explaining (or explaining away) the extra variation and tires and driver barely seem to account for it.

The other results were: C&D Lightning Lap. GT-R was a -1.6 sigma over achiever, the single largest outlier. The Viper ACR was a mere -1.3 sigma. The other one was the Top Gear data set, the GT-R here was a -2.1 sigma outlier, again the largest outlier by a lot, the next closest in this data set was the Cayman at -1.8. These results are all running the GT-R with stated hp.

The conclusion that the car is under rated (to the tune of about 50 hp) makes the world highly consistent, 1/4 mi times, regression analysis, comparos to other cars, etc. Nissan certainly is not the only company that under rates but making such a monumental effort and media splash when you are cheating with ~50 hp to me is dishonest and unacceptable. Pure and simple.