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Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post
if all you care about is going fast in a straight line and in quiet comfort then get the Lexus.

if you knew anything of history you would know that the genetics of most german automobiles developed becasue of the high speed (no speed limit) autobahn. and dont insult me ....I'm only 12.
Actually, if you look it up, the ISF is actually pretty loud and stiff. And what's the history of the Autobahn has got to do of what we're talking about. Are you saying that German cars are tested in the Autobahn and BMW is one of the best handling cars out there. Really, wow, i'm sure nobody knew about this. Thanks for the history. Back on topic, my response is due to your ridiculous comment about Toyota's and Japanese engineering in general. So let me ask you again, do you really think that BMW engineering is better because they take the Autobahn and the Japanese takes the train.