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I have two specific questions about the transmission question that I'd really appreciate some specific feedback on, but as a new member I can't create a thread to address it. This is the closest active thread I can find.

I've read this forum for a long time as a guest, and I've learned a ton and appreciate the collective knowledge and enthusiasm you all contribute. I've searched prior threads to get clarity on these two specific points, knowing the dead horse this topic can quickly become, but so far I don't see a clear and consistent answer to them, especially the first. I apologize if I've missed it, but at this point there's so much debate on the 6MT/DCT preference point that it's harder and harder to sift through.

So, here goes:

1. Will any of the DCT modes provide a forceful upshift approaching the level of, for example, an E60 M5 SMG upshift in one of the more aggressive shift modes?

I've driven the DCT transmission a few times in test drives, but I've yet to feel the car kick back like a hard SMG shift. This isn't something I would want all of the time, of course (hence the appeal of the DCT's flexibility), but there are times when I would want to feel the car come alive in that way.

2. Will the 6MT roll cleanly from a stop in 2nd gear? If so, does that help any of you with stop and go traffic?

Again, I'm not trying to debate the merits of either transmission from a philosophical point of view. I'm just looking for feedback on these two specific points. I'll take care of the rest the decision on my own, but I've got about two weeks before my order can't be changed and this is the last item I'm debating.

Thanks for the help...