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that's what SHE said!

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Originally Posted by HBspeed View Post
Image how many of us would jump ship if Mercedes would just offer a proper manual 6 speed in one of those beasts!

Image the upcoming C63 Black Series in stick shift.
Don't hold your breath. A fundamental of being an AMG is a automatic transmission, hate it or love it.

Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
I wish that one of the 1563732 special edition M3s would be something that will compete with the C63 Black Series. That thing will be unreal.
No such thing as a C63 Black series yet! Remember, this comparison is against a normal C63 or one with a performance package.

Originally Posted by Hotan Braskey View Post
While it isn't a completely new engine, it does involve more than just a tune. In addition, there are forged pistons, a lighter crankshaft and lighter con rods.
Exactly, many parts coming from the SLS AMG engine. Lots of tuning potential. The 2010+ cars all seem to be making a bit more power than the earlier models too.

Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
I forgot to mention a thing or two. The C63's seats are miles ahead of the M3's (which seem to be catered to fat people). A huge plus for the AMG in my book is the tuning potential. If you ever wander over to their forums, you'll see those cars making some pretty serious N/A power with bolt ons. Crazy stuff compared to the S65.
Yes the C63 seats are straight out of a CLK63 Black Series. They're fantastic, although like you mention, if you're on the hefty side, you just won't fit.

A tuning company just released a supercharger for the 63 engine... The HP wars live on and quite frankly MB is destroying the competition.

With all that said, and with knowing all of this info, I STILL bought a M3. (not that it matters, but feel free to lookup my postcount on MBW)