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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by saeedg48 View Post
...seriously m3's still my pick. i feel like everything else is just a copy.
In what way are they copies? The RS5 is more like the RS4 than anything else, which the E92 M3 seems to derive some inspiration from (like the high-revving N/A V8 with ~420bhp). It's a GT car; too heavy to really take these cars on from a performance or excitement standpoint. The C63 is a unique car in all its own. It has a massive, refined nuclear bomb under its hood, and the chassis is well sorted out (with better road feel than an M3, to boot). It's a completely viable alternative to the M3; no copycat here.

I will say that the M3's character still comes off as more unique. Everything seems that much more homogenous. I'll take the C63 regardless though.

Originally Posted by assinizarM3 View Post
After 5 years the M3 is still capable of beating its newer lame rivals If we look back when the m3 was launched we won't find any comparison between and the old c class amg...that's because it doesn't have any chance...and now the m3 is still comparable easily...AND IT'S STILL AT THE TOP!!!that's what we should look for in a car not some horsepower numbers written on papers.
You ever drive a C63? I have more fun in that than I do in an M3. What's funny is that Autocar, one of the most respected European auto publications, favors the C63 coupe over the M3.
Originally Posted by Matski View Post
Q: What did the M3 eat for breakfast?

Heh, not really.
Originally Posted by blipit View Post
The Autocar review says its faster.

It also says the C63 coupe has better turn-in and steering feel than the M3.

Also they would now pick the C63 over the M3.

But that review won't make the front page.
Exactly. Bimmerpost never posts a single comparison where the BMW isn't on top. The result: tons of increasingly biased forum users that use this site as their main source of information.
Originally Posted by CAPSGOD View Post
This is BMW website, go to C63post if you want to read biased reviews
Biased...really now. I lol'd.
Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
I wish that one of the 1563732 special edition M3s would be something that will compete with the C63 Black Series. That thing will be unreal.
Bro, that Tiger Edition's orange paint totally makes it faster.
Originally Posted by airwave808 View Post
I don't understand how someone can like the look of a C Class Mercedes. I am a M3 guy but to me RS5 at least has the looks going for it. Mercedes reminds me of typical American cars with a big engine.
I love the look. It's brutal but refined, just how I'd like my German sports coupe to be.
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