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Originally Posted by devo View Post
Hardly impractical, can be driven daily. The RMS which plagues many GT3s is nothing to worry about. Just as many don't have the issue. Arguably an RMS leak is inherent in the design and a by-product of the extreme performance this engine provides. By all means ck Rennlist.

My gt3 albiet a .2 is absolutely THE best street driven sports car I've owned; and I've owned a couple of E46 M3s, C2S, C4S and 997 turbo.
Anything can be driven daily if you really want to. A GT3 ( previous owner here) driven daily and pretending it to be a practical and everyday car is going to get old very fast for many reasons. I only drove mine on nice weekends and even then hated driving it around the city because it would make me feel special then suddenly like a schmuck driving a car that clearly looked like it belonged on a track with that big and funky spoiler. The looks we got drove my wife to a point that she never wanted to step in it again. It's a very special car but as a daily driver?? No way! To each their own, I guess.

I believe the 997T is the much better choice for dd.