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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
okay got it. thought you were trying to raise up the front to get more negative. depends what type of set up your looking to get. is this a track car? dual purpose? i would say unless its a full time track car -2.4 is a lot in the rear and yes you could try raising it slightly to get it dialed back some. probably want more like -2.5 front and -1.5 rear for a fairly aggressive dual purpose set up.
Yes, it's mostly a street car with 3-5 track events a year. I don't really want it setup this way and it's going to eat my rear tires.

It's just odd that he can freely adjust the passenger side rear to -1.8 I think he said but he cannot get the driver more than less than -2.4. Does it sound like I have a bent control arm or something?