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Originally Posted by Dok Henz View Post
Hello all.

Frequent lurker, rare poster... thought I'd pick the resident expert brains.

I recently had my tires balanced, and the shop said that one of my rear wheels is bent. I didn't see the damage, and I wouldn't know how to grade its severity, but I'm looking to repair or replace it. I have a 2011 M3 ZCP.

My options are: (1) have it repaired; (2) grovel at the local dealers for the best deal they can get me for a new one; (3) try to get a used replacement wheel (or set) from one of the various e9x forums online (see this post; (4) look for a refurbished one from a wheel refurbishing shop. I'm too attached to the ZCP wheels to replace the entire set with alternatives. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
Dok Henz
If it's not really badly bent, get it fixed. The pro shops will let you know if it's too badly crunched to safely fix, and they do a fine job of heating and persuading, heating and persuading until it's pretty much perfect as measured with a runout gauge.

You might want to leave the room while they're working, though. I very noticeably bent two front rims on our 3-liter M3, and while the guys were working, I was reminded of that old saying about the ballet. From 20 rows back, it's clearly art, but in the front row, you can hear the grunts and popping joints, and watch the sweat fly.