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Originally Posted by GTM_Challenge View Post
There are definately 2 wrongs in the equation. The arguement i always hear when it comes to fake/replica parts in other industries, or even the car world is: " well we wouldnt make it, if there wasnt a market for it " then the flipside arguement " we wouldnt buy it if it wasnt made "

What came first? The chicken, or the egg?

Either way, messing with saftey equipment brings this bootleg parts biz in china to a new low.
but this is purposeful misrepresentation as an OEM brand. Your argument is for a company like Rota Wheels, who does not misrepresent design and manufacturing specs of Volks, BBS, etc...and market theirs directly and openingly as replica style wheels with different names and colors.

In my view, what this guy did is downright illegal

Rota "BBS RE reps":