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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
I know I may be stepping on VP's toes by saying this, but IMO you should get an MS-8. Three reasons:
1. If you go with the Zapco amp, it has built-in processing, BUT it is large and dissipates a lot of heat so the install location will be a problem. Also, its processing capabilities are somewhat limited, and it does not auto eq. If you go with the Arc amp, you have virtually no digital processing whatsoever.
2. If you go with the MS-8, you can use a small digital amplifier and tuck everything away behind the trunk panels without compromising looks, space, and cooling.
3. The MS-8 allows you to implement and power a center speaker which greatly enhances both imaging and tonality of the front stage.

The street price for the MS-8 is around $600 and a you can get a good digital 6-channel amp for under $400 (JL XD600/6). With the MS-8 and Logic 7, you do NOT need high quality speakers in the rear of the vehicle, so you can save the price of those Morel coaxials and just leave in the stock HiFi speakers.

Just my $.02. Ken, don't flame me...
Thanks for the input. Ken may have mentioned the MS-8 but if he did it went in one ear and out the other for a few reasons. I have no use for its 8 channel amp and I dislike unnecessary features (for example I've never purchased a head unit with internal amps, they've all been preamp only). I'm overly anal about not buying equipment with features I'm not going to use - even if it means saving money. I'm not going to use the amps for a center channel or tweeters (I've always preferred to use the crossovers that come with components) and I'm not going to use its surround processing (I always listen to stereo music in stereo). As for a small class D amp, I'd rather class AB and don't mind the size/heat at all. If I don't get the Zapco I'll see how I like it without equalization and if I feel I do need it later I'll probably go with the BitOne.1.
Oh yeah, as for the rear speakers, Ken tried to get me to skimp on those too, but I have passengers back there a lot, and I want them to be treated to good sound Of course when I'm by myself I set the fader for the best soundstage.
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