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Originally Posted by schoy View Post
So ... in Texes, if someone runs over and kills my 2 sons (perhaps by accident), I'm allowed to go back to my house, get my gun, and shoot the guy, so long as I ditched (and destroyed) the gun and made sure there were no eyewitnesses? Just want to make sure I know my rights (as well as risks) when I visit Texas.
as with any choice you make anywhere in this nation, you can do whatever you want, just be sure that if you're doing something wrong, you don't get busted.....

do me a favor and don't visit Texas....

you'll hate it here - it's too hot and there are more guns than people...

the mosquitos here will make you want to BBQ outside your house in a Shark Cage.....

Originally Posted by schoy View Post
Would the result have been different if the driver wasn't drunk? If so, how did the dad know the driver was drunk?
I can't answer those questions, but anyone in their right mind can spot a drunk driver (or at least walk up to someone and smell/see that they are drunk)....