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Originally Posted by DylanMckay View Post
I do not and this was from memory so do not quote me but the majority of tunes I have seen details on mentioned vanos adjustment. It might be on their site come to think of it. I remember thinking this is why vishnu stood out that they did not adjust vanos.

Shiv, how much more timing are you able to advance with the meth tune v. your regular non-meth tune? Also is the a/f changed for the meth tune? I am assuming you can run much leaner with meth as well?

I ask because looking at the dynos, it looks like you could be getting more from the meth with a tune. Considering your tune alone gives 15hp, meth alone with no tune gives you 10-15, you would (or I would) think a meth specific tune being able to almost be a similar tune you could do for 100 octane could yield a higher result than simply adding up the benefit of both above.

Is the methanol tune similar to a tune you would do on race gas?
Most of this is answered in Posts #1 and #18.