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Electric pressure washers... what to do?

I've been thinking of getting an electric pressure washer so I could do a better job cleaning my car. I'd also like to use it on the wheels to get all that nasty sticky break dust off.

I was thinking of a routine along the lines of:

- foam and rinse with PW
- 2-bucket on body
- use PW on the wheels
- final rinse with PW (might use spotless system with this in future)

Based on my reading it looks like you want to keep the psi down and the gpm up.

The big question is is it worth it to get a prosumer unit? Get a regular unit? Something else?

What are your suggestions on what washer to get?

It seems that the Karchers are pretty popular, but my reading seems to show that the consumer units are all junk now and break in 15 months. The Karcher 5.85 and 5.93 models look and sound good, but at $300, I'd be disappointed if it broke in a year.

I hear the Cam Spray 1500A is an awesome unit, but at about $600... ouch!

Or should I just got for one of those $100-$150 el cheapo Karcher units and toss it when it inevitably croaks in a year (or less).

Any ideas? Comments? Suggestions?