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I was on the verge of ordering an IS350 till i figured heck i've owned a Lexus so why not try a BMW. To be honest with you, an IS350 w/ sport package is pretty dam much as the automotive journalist harp on the VDIM how many of you on this board can HONESTLY say that you will drive your car hard enough to warrant the need to switch it off. I'll go even further to ask how many of you switch off your DSC/DTC everytime you get into the car? I can understand our auto-x that like to switch it off but come on that system is designed to save your ass and the asses of inexperienced drivers that wouldnt know how to react in the event of an evasive manuever.

When lexus set out to design this IS they didnt want to be a BMW 3 series clone...they went about it their own way. They've established themselves long enough to have the nameplate known for luxury and they'll approach the entry level sport sedan market differently than how BMW or MBZ would.

As much as everyone rips on them, they're selling pretty fast so they must be doing something right. Hell, they definitely have the price point right, just under BMW with all the goodies, I was able to get a fully loaded IS350 for $38k that's FULLY LOADED.

Anyway, i'll get a chuckle when this arrives it'll really give the competition a pause to rethink their strategy.