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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
I believe that's another myopic view. Liking how cars look is important to most folks, but my wife, for instance, cares quite a lot about functionality. She just doesn't know about the inner workings. Restricting the use of the term "enthusiast" to someone who has a lot of car knowledge seems a little elitist to me. I think that a person who is excited or enthusiastic about cars is an enthusiast.

I think you're mixing up being interested in cars with being an enthusiast. To be an enthusiast, you have to care about driving dynamics. From most of your posts, it seems like that's something that really doesn't matter to you. That's the reason most of these people are here and drive BMWs, we all share a love for good driving dynamics. Calling a dual-clutch transmission an automatic is only downplaying your intelligence and car "enthusiasm."