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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
I totally disagree, the DCT does not feel like any automatic I have driven. If you don't notice a difference then in my opinion you are not "tuned" to the car. With DCT you can feel the clutch engage and disengage. With DCT once in motion the transmission does not slip like in a automatic. No automatic provides engine braking while coasting like DCT (because most automatics will disengage the torque converter under coasting).

All reasons why DCT is better than an automatic IMHO.

I'm not sure what bugs you're talking about, but the only one my car has is the track downshifting issue, which is going to be fixed in two weeks with a software update. I have no issues on the street.

I have to ask if you've driven DCT for more than 10 miles because there is a significant difference. The only similarities between an automatic and DCT is the lack of a clutch pedal.
Good points all - and no, I have never driven the M3 auto. Should've just said they are in fact making an auto M3 right now, though it's a new to BMW design.