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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
sorry for talking out my A**.. before they did the supercharging- in the early stages of development of the car with only brakes,tyres and suspension mods they were in the 30s- I think it was a 7min32-33, definitely less than 7m39.

And BTW .. they reckoned that they could improve on the time by about 3-5secs with minor tweaks.. sorry for off topic. I still believe that if a carrera 2s pdk with sports pasm can do a 7min50 - an m3 CSL with less weight, better balance and stability + 480bhp will keep up with a GTR.
I doubt that. A CSL with just brakes, mpsc tires, and suspension mods would beat the 430 scuderia, gt3rs, and a zonda S? NO FUCKING WAY.

The supercharger had a lot to do with the 7:22 time.

The e46 m3 csl is a great car but not a world beater bone stock or even with a few suspension mods.